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Roll-off Bin Service

Roll off bins and compactor bins available in 14, 20, 40 yards.

Providing service to the following sectors:

  • Construction & Demolition
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Roofing (residential and commercial)
  • Residential (other applications).


Our recycling operation is 3 dimensional:

  1. We will provide additional bins at your site to enable source separation of recyclable materials such as wood, metals, concrete, cardboard; or
  2. If space, personnel or other reasons do not allow additional bins on site for recycling, your bin containing mixed waste will be mechanically and manually processed at our Waste Transfer & Recycling Facility to remove recyclable materials.
  3. Where required, whether a LEED Canada project, or to comply with MOE Regulations 102/103, we will track & record material recycling & diversion data and provide same to you in the appropriate Waste Management Reporting Form .

Waste Transfer & Recycling Facility - Simtor Environmental Ltd.

Our 30,0000 sq ft building is situated on 5.4 acres at 113 Warren Rd, Whitby and is licensed by MOE. Our facility features the following:

  • accepts solid, non hazardous waste, concrete, clean wood;
  • we mechanically and manually separate recyclable materials from mixed waste loads, which enables us to divert material from landfill;
  • drop off facility for scrap metal, cardboard.

The goal to divert waste from landfill is important to all of us. Our transfer and recycling facility gives us an edge on many other waste disposal companies. We have an ongoing process for continuous impovement in this endeavour.


We can provide the full range of services from providing the heavy equipment/excavators to demolish the building or, alternatively, to only providing the waste haulage and disposal be it with roll-off bins or 45 foot walking floor trailers.

Demolition services available for residential, commercial, industrial buildings and other applications.

Wood Processing